Can You Really Build Your Business Around Your Life?

A good way of expressing your feelings is by sending flowers for special occasions. Flowers can be sent for a formal occasion to a business associate or for a intimate occasion to close friends. Sending flowers is a lovely way to make the recipient happy, and also to let them know that you care.

Every E Mail Raider goes through its fair share of ups and downs. Especially in the first few years while you are still trying to stabilize. The secret lies in planning ahead for any unfortunate event. The steady stream of projects you once received may no longer be as regular. Clients might be feeling the heat as well and may want to cut down on expenses. If you have a spread out customer base with a good mix of those who pay well and those who do not but are regular, you may just manage to survive these times. Get at least a few long-term contracts in place with clients who may not pay as well. This way you will at least be assured of consistent work over the months.

A good chance to express sympathy by sending flowers occurs during sad times. Send flowers to celebrate the life of one who has passed and give reason to be cheerful for accomplishments during life. Another great reason to send flowers are to let someone know you are thinking of them if they are ill or have had to spend time in the hospital. Perhaps the best time to give flowers occurs after the bulk of flowers have arrived; after a funeral or when a person has been out of the hospital for a few days.

You have to get a publicist during the planning for a huge event. The publicist will get everything done for a party. They will do the advertising and also create ways to enhance the public outlook. They can make you seem like a VIP and at least ten times better than what you may be. They can make you look better and know what it takes to get the best guests to attend an event.

Hope took to TV fairly late in his career, not entirely convinced that the still fairly new medium would succeed. “Television – that’s where movies go when they die,” quipped Hope once. However, it was television that really made Bob Hope a star and a household name throughout the United States.

I love competition in a market, but just like it is easy for anyone to throw up a e-book and a web site it is even easier for people to promote affiliate products. There are some legitimate folks out there earning a living this way, but for the most part it is people who don’t have the slightest clue as to what they are doing. That is a good problem to have on one hand because if you can business contacts stick it out you’ll always beat the competition in the end. But on the other hand when you have a bunch of people promoting products that don’t know what they are doing, it drives costs up and makes your tasks much more diligent.

Don’t make the mistake of writing to an entire group instead focus your posts on one person. Even though you are communicating with your entire fan base, you shouldn’t really address them together, but on an one to one basis. This is because only one person will be reading your post individually and not the whole group together. This invokes a better response from your fan base because it seems like a personal approach. And people really like it when the posts are one to one.

If it’s a teleseminar, do they know how to do them? You wouldn’t think this would be an issue but it is. I was very surprised when I started working with people who were well-known online but didn’t have a clue how to do a teleseminar and we didn’t make any money! Very disappointing. So just because someone is successful it doesn’t mean they are successful at teleseminar JV’s! Some very well known people don’t have a clue!

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