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In the classic “Crossroad Blues” Robert Johnson was sharing a very personal thing: he went to mouth of Hell, prayed for salvation, then gave up everything to play the blues.

Step by Step has a great reading list, as well as some fun behind the voice your children will love singing to familiar tunes. Apples 4 the Teacher has a more exhaustive reading list, for the really dedicated readers.

Depending on how the days fall each year, either the day before or after the night of the water run is the celebration of the parade. A night long party which starts around 6pm and goes through to 11pm. The participants work all year to prepare themselves and their floats for the carnival parade. Each float has its own theme, music and costumes.

You don’t have to worry about your children and their medications during camps. Trained staff who are over 21 will administrate the meds. The nurses will oversee all medication needs. They strongly discourage parents from altering their campers meds. Some parents will take their children off their meds for camps, and this camp is one of the few that recommend you don’t do this. Your children are on these meds for a reason.

10) A Hard Day’s Night – Title song to the Beatles first and critically acclaimed movie directed by Richard Lester, this song made its way into the music mainstream with Ringo’s typical twist on a phrase! From the opening “open” chord, the song has a romping feeling that conveyed the chasing theme of the movie where the Beatles were always running from screaming teenage girl fans. The movie is considered the model for modern day music videos!

My fondest memories in high school were those days on the football field when we were one and took care of each other win or lose. This song/video brought those memories back as though I just hung up the cleats yesterday and it’s been over 20 years. Yes hard to believe 20 years.

For more with R.E.A.L check her out on Twitter. Also, if you liked this interview, stay tuned for an upcoming interview with previously featured Milwaukee femcee Kia. And for more Hip-Hop articles, check this out.

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