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When it comes to candle making scents the best possible thing to use are oils. Fragrance oils mix well in to the wax and they provide a strong and recognizable scent that fills the room and even the home as the candle burns. You do, however, have other options around your home if you do not want to buy oils anytime soon. You can simply use different extracts such as almond, lemon, or vanilla extract. These will do the job and create a pleasing fragrance for your candles. This article is going to focus on using oils for candle making scents.

If you want to try something beyond the standard aluminum mold, there are a number of options. One choice is polyurethane candle making molds. These are cheaper than their silicone cousins. They are flexible, but do not stretch that well. The polyurethane tends to have a strong aroma, and this sometimes gets into the candle. So, if you’re intending to make a scented candle, you do not want the aroma to be contaminated. But, if you use a releasing agent as with the aluminum molds, you can create some great pillar and taper candles.

When I first began making candles the traditional container or pillar candle was my image of candle making. Then learning about casting opened up the idea of making candles in the shape of fruits and vegetables. In time the figures that fit into Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays opened the door to plastic and latex molding.

Beeswax is another popular Candle making workshop wax. It is usually white or yellow and already has its own natural sweet smelling scent. It is more expensive then other candle waxes.

Palm wax comes from palm trees it is clean burning and has a nice natural scent. If you heat palm wax to 200 degrees and pour it into a heated container and then cover the container with something like a small cardboard box to retain the heat your palm candles will have a nice crystalline pattern. So this is a good candle making wax if you use this procedure.

Fifth candle making tip – This is specifically for those of you who want to sell their candle work. An important aspect of marketing is always packaging. Its the look of a product when you first notice it. Presentation, your first impression, all of this is important. What are you trying to accomplish with packaging? You want to attract attention. Get them looking at the product with their eyes wide open in amazement. You’ll get a sale more often than not.

We started out by using the stumps of old candles. My Grandmother saved all kinds of household items for art projects, and she used a lot of candles, so this first project lasted for a couple of days. We put the candle stumps in piles based on color. She cut the top off of a few cardboard mild cartons, and we proceeded to make rainbow candles. We melted the red candles, secured the wicks, and poured the first layer of color. Once that had dried, we poured the yellow. And so on…until we had our rainbow candles. This took quite a bit of time as we had to wait between the different shades of candle wax, so in the interim we went once again to the arts and crafts store and bought more supplies to make candles from scratch.

Now that we have gone through the basics of candle making I hope you feel more confidant in your next candle making project. Have fun and make it fit your style.

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