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Just like the weather, fashion styles for trendy women clothes change. However, fashion seems to change faster than the weather, making it very hard for a fashion diva to follow current style changes. Are the skirts this season shorter or longer? Is the current jeans trend tend to lean more on the boot cut or are they going for the straight cut look? Don’t forget about the tops that pair with the bottoms. These are enough to drive any fashion enthusiast mad right?

This also serves another purpose – when you make an inventory list, note everything that you haven’t used in over and year, and toss it! Why spend money and time storing something that you never use! Obvious exceptions would be items you know you will definitely use in the future, like a heater you will need when you move out of your apartment into a house, or lanterns you are keeping in case of a power outage.

Allow for free reading: More teachers are employing a consistent “free reading” period in class. The requirements are that at the end of the session, the reader is able to summarize what they read to a teacher or peer in order to show retention and comprehension. In addition to books; magazines, comic books or entertainment xeberler should be acceptable reading materials when the end result is learning something new. The cross-over to comic books or graphic novels is hot right now. YA novelist Holly Black’s new endeavor with illustrator Ted Nalief is The Good Neighbors series. The first graphic novel, Kin was released to rave reviews. Many other authors are showing an interest in following suit and seeing the connection between comics, video games and books.

The consumers no longer need to haul or even stock their 1200 page phone books to find a phone number. There are online yellow page services that offer all the same information.

With BuzzBox, you can personalize your news feed. When you choose the newsfeeds you want to follow, BuzzBox adds them to your homepage. One quick glance tells you if you want to click the headline to be linked directly to the full news story.

If you have anything left over from a meal, think of ways to incorporate it into another meal later in the week. Small amounts of vegetables can become a soup or be added to a stew, leftover meat can be added to rice as a stir-fry or added to a soup as well. They can even be chopped up, added to the vegetables and made into a pot pie! As a last resort, place it in the freezer to use another time (and don’t forget it’s in there!).

USA Today has online news that is just as insipid as their printed news. It is offensive to me that news for an entire nation can be boiled down to some abomination of real news. The stories are condescending and short, just like American attention spans.

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