Is Life Coaching For You?

Becoming a Certified Life Coach is a dream that many individuals have. They have that dream in their heart for many reasons. They may want to help more people in a bigger way, be their own boss, they may want more freedom, they may want to make more money, or they may want to own their own coaching practice. But many people keep their dream of coach certification hidden in their heart and they never move forward.

Make sure that you are in a setting that isolates the employee, if there are windows in the background try to cover them up. You will need the full focus of the person you are about to talk to. Take your time in doing this, the stress factor and often the shock that comes with the experience of being fired is often overwhelming. The emotion that will be going through is rejection which is what most people fear the most.

Coaching over the phone, instead of face to face affords several distinct and powerful advantages over life coaching online face to face. Now I’m not saying you can’t be an effective face to face coach, I just wouldn’t recommend it – especially if you’re just getting started.

Your pie may look too good to eat. Eat it anyway and bake other pies. The same with dreams… Sometimes we don’t achieve our dreams because we have a fear of not having anything to live for after the dream is achieved, or maybe a fear of success. There’s no need to fear…Just remember that even after we get our dream there’s still room for growth, improvement, and maintenance. The journey never ends and you can choose peach pie the next time around.

One of the key concepts here is the concept of giving, which is critical as you are launching and sustaining a icf coaching certification singapore practice. You want to help as many people as possible, but at the same time, you’ll need to have a mindset that will enable to not spread yourself too thin. This book speaks to this, and many other truths, in a wildly creative and compelling way.

It is a reality that most mums only work because of unfavorable financial situations. It is a smart move to know how and where to grow your money when you are no longer just tending for yourself. Professional coaching experts can help you achieve financial aptitude. Having this aptitude may also help you survive during times when you will need to take a break from work to focus on family matters.

The scope of practices that a life coach can perform is limited. Even though he or she may want to help you achieve your full potential and happiness, they are not psychologically educated.

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