Is Science Advancing Too Fast For Humanity, Society, And Civilization?

Getting Science by Brian Clegg targets an audience of elementary school teachers who feel less than confident about teaching science in their classrooms. While I am not in his target audience, I’m close to it. (I love science and teach in small groups of homeschooled students.) Clegg did some things authors should do. He caught my attention, told me stuff I needed to read or wanted to learn, and kept my attention throughout the book. I learned a bit and further solidified prior knowledge. It’s a good book, and after reading this it, I hope many primary school teachers do read it.

You can study different kinds of rocks together, and maybe, collect a few. With a reference book or Science workshop the internet as a resource you can try to identify and label your rock collection. Although the rocks may not consist of spectacular pieces of earth, a rock collection is a great way to study how different rocks are made, and how it affects their properties. Having a rock collection will turn your child into an unwitting geologist.

Lisa: I find it most rewarding to be able to reach children as an author, an educator and as a motivational speaker. I truly feel that if the kids have self-esteem, they won’t need all the “bad” things the world has to offer.

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Another night I was at a workshop in a downtown high rise and when I came out to go to the parking lot which was about a block away, I had to walk among street people laying right on the sidewalk and reaching up as I passed, asking for money. I never went to anymore workshops.

Take it slow, be gentle with yourself. Thinking about what you want, and actually letting yourself believe you can have it, is like strengthening a long-atrophied muscle.

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