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Plan some fun Princess party games for your little girls’ royal themed birthday party. A regal celebration must keep the guests entertained and happy the entire day through. And it is easy to do this when you plan lots of fun party games and an activity or two.

Local record collectors rejoice! The Expo is tomorrow (Sun., March 6) at the Ramada Minneapolis at 1330 Industrial Blvd., a block north of Broadway NE. Admission is still with cantonese songs a food donation for local food shelves. Hours are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. but the doors open at 8:30 a.m. for early birds who want to find the best stuff. Remaining Expos for 2011 are May 1, Sept. 11 & Nov. 6. Collectors take note that the July Expo will not be held this year so take advantage of this and the May date before you have to start thinking about Christmas.

Musical notes are named by letters. The notes start out at A and end at G. The lines of the stave are identified as just after the exact same notes. The center line (The a single not penned on the paper) as you know is the observe identified as C, the area previously mentioned the line is D, the line above is E, the area previously mentioned that line is F, the line previously mentioned is G and the area above that is A and so on up the lines.

First, you should recognize your prospective viewers. Who do you want to offer your goods and solutions to? Understanding the response to this will significantly help in developing an appropriate concept for your video video. You would not want to use too many jargons when attaining out to the common individuals, right?

Now, common classical and Spanish guitars are being referred to as Acoustic guitars! To my thinking they could have put in some hi-tech materials for the new name acoustic. No matter how I looked into these modern day guitars, they are still made of wood, maybe some with synthetic material or special plastic! Nothing was really new to me. After some time, with the resurgence of revivals, acoustic guitar was just a new moniker for a classical or a Spanish guitar. That was it about learning acoustic guitars. Still the same guitars, maybe just some new materials to used to construct them.

Fans of the Flaming Lips don’t have to tune into Yo Gabba Gabba to see Wayne Coyne & Co., though, as the band has a major New Year’s Eve gig lined up. Fans with the Flaming Lips tickets can ring in 2011 by watching the Lips perform their 1999 classic album The Soft Bulletin in its entirety. The show will take place in the Flaming Lips’ native Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center. Rumor has it that the Flaming Lips will release one song per month until they have enough cantonese songs to release an entire album, but fans will have to settle for the cult classic on Dec. 31, 2010.

Most Program Directors (PD’s) and Music Directors (MD’s) have specific call times, on specific days, every week. You can only call them on these days or they will not take your calls. Once you have sent your press kit out, wait approximately two weeks, then call and confirm that your CD has arrived safely. If the CD has not arrived, wait one more week and call again. If at that point the CD has still not arrived, tell the PD or MD that you will send another package and then send it. Wait another week and then follow up again.

One could call this an official stalemate, but officially I’m just going to put my vote on the side of that Amy Winehouse freak with the bat creature eyelashes and wacko hair.

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