Making Hip Hop Beats The Simple Way

The fantastic aspect about hip hop and a major part that makes it popular is the basic rules laid down when making a hip hop beat. This creates space for creative expression due to its flexibility. Despite the fact that it can be fun making the beat it can also be cumbersome at times. Here are few steps you can follow on how to compose hip hop beats.

I like rocking over other peoples beats. That has never been an issue for me. Sometimes though, I like to hear the musical sounds manifested in real life that are in my head and that is usually when I create my own beats.

I’m not saying you should pay for every single beat you use, but buy some unique beats for your mixtape! It will make you take your self more serious, and I’ve heard from more than a few rappers that when they buy beats it pushes them to REALLY kill the track, because they have INVESTED in it!

In terms of making your own bar, you always need the proper music for the job. Most bars would hire a band or a singer to make the visitors dance but nowadays a DJ booth is often used. DJ based bars are more famous in the bar industry since people prefer to dance while they drink. That is why through the use of the net, you can set a cool bar that people would certainly visit. One thing you need to know about DJ based bars is that the tracks you would be using should be original and it should not be from any illegal sources. There are a lot of websites that have hip hop beats for sale for sale and you can get one by simply downloading them.

Next is the bass line that needs to be added after the kick and hat set up. You can select a bass instrument from the options available in the program and select the number of kicks that you want it to coordinate with. Here you can vary your notes and can try the D-E-D-C initially.

So before I bought the product to make my review I stopped by you tube as I always do and analyzed what the you tube community were saying about this product. I was ready for some major dislikes the first page I went to already had over 100,000 views and I was shocked to say the least almost all comments on there were saying how good this product was.

With so many beat sites online there are plenty of beat makers to buy beats from. Some of producers may have worked with many industry artist and still have cheap beats. Listen to the mixes of these beats and see if they have sonically great sound mixes. Non exclusive beats are the best way to start a mixtape online. Only buy rap instrumentals in exclusive form if you have a massive following when your already selling lots of copies of music on Amazon or Itunes. Find beats to rap to that you feel comfortable with.Just remember that when you making mixtape that you need to buy hip hop instrumentals that inspire you and suit your musical style.

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