My Astral Travel Experiences

I admit it – I was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age, and now, there are very few things I love as much as traveling. Throughout the years, my wife and I took our family to some pretty amazing places. But there was one huge difference between our travels and those of many vacationers; we didn’t have excessive amounts of cash to spend when we went on vacation, so we learned how to travel cheap, while still enjoying a great time doing it.

Pet seat, harness or barrier for the car – Consider one of these ways to protect your dog in the vehicle if you don’t need a crate/pet carrier at your destination, or if you can only transport a crate when it’s folded up or disassembled. Besides preventing your dog from flying through the windshield during a sudden stop, a pet riding loose in a car can be a dangerous distraction to a driver.

Lifestyle design is simply the art of (sometimes radical) lifestyle configuration and has been practiced for quite sometime by liberated people from all walks of life, not just skydivers. This isn’t for everybody but like I said… skydivers are a unique breed. Now we need to ask ourselves, what changes can we make to our lifestyle that will help us lead a more fulfilling life? First, some examples. How about the girl that lives in a trailer next to the DZ and packs parachutes all day in order to pay for jumps. Or what about that couch surfing guy that سبانجا ومعشوقية and jumps all over the world. While these individuals are notional, you see people like this all the time, living it up. What they have done is eliminate almost all of their financial obligation and now they can just focus on what they love.

COYOTE; Seen as a trickster or creator he’s full of magic , special powers and teachings. Helps us to learn lessons from our mistakes and or accomplishments we make in life.

This past weekend I was wanting to know what’s out on the RVing road, so that I could share it with you. My assistant, Laura, and I took a drive across the valley to Phoenix’s University of Phoenix Stadium (home of the Phoenix Cardinals), and spent some time walking around the RV Show put on by local RV dealership, La Mesa.

Convinced that you don’t have a creative bone in your body? Pish-tish! Everyone – and I mean everyone – has the capacity to be creative. You just need to redefine what “creativity” actually is and then approach it from that angle.

When you’re done, it’s always a good idea to get it down on paper and put it somewhere where you can see it periodically. Create a Word document, select a great font, put a sheet of pretty or bright-colored paper in the printer and…voila! If you’re really “o-c” like I tend to be, put it in a plastic sleeve and tack it to the bulletin board in your schoolroom or kitchen. Refer to it when you’re being bombarded with activities that seem “good” to get involved in – but may take you off course or make your life just plain crazy! A vision can keep your life – and your homeschool – sane. In fact, I think I’m gonna go back and work on ours right now…

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