Networking – Let The Numbers Tell The Story

The other day, I was approached by a business man who said he hadn’t yet seen any economic results from his LinkedIn profile. When asked how often he reviewed his plan and engaged with others on LinkedIn, he said “I don’t have a plan but I visit the site every six months”. Unfortunately this is a common scenario.

Spread the word with social networking. Let people on Twitter know about your articles or other interesting tidbits that will draw them to your website. Join forums, set up Facebook and Buy Aged LinkedIn Accounts With real Connections, and then participate in discussions.

PROFILE. The “Profile” area announces connections who have updated their profile. This is your opportunity to stay connected and minimize the time by being selective. Click on only the connections that have a link to “Send Note”. This is your chance to congratulate a connection on a job change or promotion.

Connections. The next step is to connect to others. First of all connect to your friends, family and acquaintances. Often, the social media sites will provide suggestions for you – use them. These are your first trusted connections. Then connect with others who are in your niche. So follow their Tweets, Facebook and Google+ pages.

Generating more business is everyone’s job at a company no matter what your position. Everyone should not only be a brand ambassador but should also be a lead magnet. LinkedIn is primo for the B2B market and even for B2C companies. When one conjures thoughts of vendors, strategic alliances, investors, allies, partners, employees, consultants and prospects, START with LinkedIn.

Write articles that link back to your website. There are lots of sites where you can submit articles to get visibility for your site. Another strategy is to write articles or blog posts and give them to people who already have strong followings. Just ask for a link to your website in return for the free article.

Those who have already bought from you are very likely to do so again. Make sure that you have a marketing plan in place to stay in contact with existing customers and entice them to come back. It costs a lot less to retain a client than it does to get a new one.

Don’t give up. It takes time for new blogs to gain attention. There is no such thing as overnight success. Make sure your content is well-written, and keep an eye on which marketing strategies work best for you. Be persistent, and eventually your efforts will pay off!

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