The Best Cure For Toenail Fungus That Can Get Rid Of Toenail Fungus Fast

If you suffer from acne, tea tree oil might sound like a good option for getting rid of it – but does it work? There’s so much hype around natural treatments now sometimes the truth gets buried for the sake of being environmentally friendly.

Tea tree oil is used topically for yeast infections of the skin, hair, or nails, and can be used in diluted form for colonics. I have read about using a tampon with tea tree oil (diluted) and inserting it to help with vaginal yeast issues. I had the same problem and was having the yeast attacking my scalp and skin and tongue instead of vaginally.

tea tree per cistite extract comes from the leaves of tea tree species; many people are unaware of this fact. Some say it is the best home remedy for fever blisters as it is an antibacterial, a fungicide, an antiseptic and a natural germicide all in one. Most of the high-quality oil is imported from Australia. It is not only effective in treating sores or fever blisters, but also beneficial in healing cuts, burns, scraps, infections, skin spot, and insect bites.

Anytime I get a whitehead on my face, I apply a small amount of the oil on a cotton ball and then dab that on the whitehead 2 times. Within 24 hours the whitehead vanishes almost every time.

Dandruff is a result of dry flakey skin on the scalp. When this skin dries out and loosens it ends up in our hair and on our clothes. Treatment with this shampoo is easy and very effective. Tea tree oil works to balance the oil production in the scalp. It helps to heal the skin so that no more dandruff is formed and reduces the itchiness that a dry scalp can cause. Yeast and fungus can contribute to dandruff. Tea tree oil is effective at keeping both yeast and fungal infections at bay.

It’s Usage – To make use of tea tree oil as an oral thrush treatment, you should fill a cup with warm water, add about three drops of the oil into it. Use the water to gargle for about 30 seconds, then spit. You may also use it when brushing your teeth by adding a drop to the toothpaste before brushing.

It is simply amazing what a little bottle of tea tree oil can achieve. Why not give it a whirl today but make sure you read the instructions and always do a patch test before trying it on something new.

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