Want More Twitter Followers?–Follow These 11 Steps

Twitter is an amazing little world that is a great way to cultivate stronger relationships for both personal happiness as well as business success. I have hear a lot of comments that express ‘I just don’t get it’ or ‘Twitter doesn’t work for me’ and so I feel a calling to talk to people who feel that way. I’d like to go into a bit of detail about Twitter luv and what makes the Twitterverse go round.

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Claim your twitter handle : Prime domain names are much in demand and have now become difficult to find, and are also expensive. If you don’t reserve your domain name, you are putting your business and personal brand at risk. Once your domain name taken, you will not be able to reclaim it. The same goes with Twitter. Twitter account names are now being treated as domain names. So, go ahead and claim your how to change your twitter handle!

You can click the Everyone link on your profile page to see a stream of all members of Sprouter or click Following to only see the stream of the people you are following. You can also create Filters (Like lists on Twitter) so you can see only people you have put into that Filter.

Focus on Twitter background: After filling out the user profile, it is time to focus on your Twitter background. This allows you the opportunity to extend your brand image onto Twitter. This will give your followers a complete experience. Twitpaper and Twitterimage are sites that help you to create a custom background. It is recommended that you incorporate the same colors, logo and format to your Twitter background that you’ve used in your personal or corporate website. Add information that is not mentioned in your Twitter profile.

Tweetmeme This application allows you to put a button on your blog which in turn will give your readers the change twitter handle opportunity to easily retweet your posts.

LinkedIn is great at recognizing when you share a group with someone. There is a module that points this out and it’s located right above the groups module so it will be easy to see. If you already share a group then you’re golden. Because LinkedIn only allows people to connect if they have something in common, like a former or current employer adding “cold” connections is impossible. So you need to have something in common and the group satisfies this requirement. Ask the prospect to connect with you as a fellow group member of “XYZ” group. Most people accept these much quicker than the usual LinkedIn request because they trust you as a member of a shared group.

Your home based business opportunity has a greater chance to flourish as you become more accessible. Use the above channels as multiple points of contact to prosper through.

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